Monday, December 5, 2011

High Time

Yes, it is high time that I introduce the newest member of the zoo.  He is almost 8 months old, poor thang...and not a mention of him yet.  This zookeeper has taken a hiney-kickin' over the past 8 months.( Sidenote: Hiney is our choice word for our backside.  I started to let the older two call it their butt--because that is what it IS--until my 18 month old screamed that her butt hurt all the way through the grocery store.  I decided it needs to sound normal coming out of the youngest members mouth before we move on from hiney.) Anyway...our newest member is such a sweet blessing and cute as can be.  The sheer number of children and the ages that they are has been nothing short of a challenge.  God always has a way of showing me areas that need work...usually areas where I am being judgemental.  This was one of those.  I just never understood what people meant when they were "overwhelmed" by a certain number of kids, or they just could never "handle" any more.  I always thought I could have at least 6 and could pull it off pretty easily.  Well, let's just say I am understanding that "overwhelmed" thing.  Eight months down though, and I am commited to getting back to blogging!  Kids, I want you guys to have these memories some day because I love you SO MUCH and raising you has been so AWESOME...and because half of my mind is already gone.  There won't be much left by the time you are grown. ;-)

I am still trying to think of a zoo animal name for sweet number 4, so maybe I can get some help if I describe his personality.

He is very smiley and loveable.  He gets very excited about toys and loves people.  But, he is mostly a mama's baby.  If someone else has him and he can see me, he stares a hole in me and pitifully says, "mamamama." He is super cuddly and loves to be held.  He crawled before he could sit up, which is kinda goofy.  Actually he still can't sit up very well because he sees no need for it.  There is nothing to do just sitting there. He likes to go get stuff. He does not like being tied down (like a carseat).  He used to scream every single second he was in the car but has learned to cope pretty well, especially since he can play with a toy now.  He still cries a lot of times in protest when I first put him in though.   

Honestly, the animal that I thought of first was a puppy.  They are kind, loyal, happy, and absolutely love their "mama."  They are also full of energy and get really excited about toys.  But....dogs don't live in the zoo.  So, help me out here.


  1. Kangaroo, duh!!! :) They hippity hop everywhere, play with each other, but most of all, like to be carried by Mama! When I held this child recently, it was all I could do to keep him from jumping right out of my arms!

  2. Kangaroo, wallaby, or joey would be awesome! I'm with Amanda. :-) I also thought of Bear cub for him, because of the cute, cuddly part...but that's probably more TEDDY BEAR than an actual bear, which will grow up to be ferocious...Lol